Friday, January 4, 2013

Ring In the New Year!!

Wring In The New Year!!

Lets Ring In The New Year With The 2013 Fireworks New Years Cake! First Cake Of the New Year!!!

 A Regular 8" Cake With A Shell Frosting Pattern Frosted With A Open Star Tip.
The Open Star Tip Is A Tricky One To Manipulate As More Frosting Is  Allowed To Form as The Tip Allows More To Flow
But With a Little Patience and Skill Manipulation is The Easy Part, As You Can See To Your Right The Finished Product!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

    Well As You All Know, One Thing Dairy Queen is Most Popular For Besides Our Blizzard Treats, and Our Amazing Iron Grilled Sandwiches, Is Our Birthday Cakes!

    Pictured In This Photo Is A Happy Birthday Cake Made With A Shell Pattern Used With a Closed Star Tip 

The Man Behind The Cakes!

       Meet Yours Truly

      Ever Wonder Who Was Behind The Wonderful Creations of These Cakes Meet Yours Truly, Jason Chandler.
       I'm a 17 Year Old High School Student, and Just Moved Back To My Home Town Of North Conway.
I Became Interested in Pastries and Cakes When I Was About 13 to 14 Years old, Watching T.V. Shows such as Cake Boss with Buddy Velastro, I also Have Seen Both Paula Dean, Barefoot Contessa's Ina Garten, and Giada De Laurentiis from Everyday Italian.
      The Biggest Thing I Love About Cakes and Pastries, is They're the Perfect Christmas, Birthday, New Years, anything Holiday Card You Can Make Just Think, Whats Better Than a Card You Could Eat? 
It's The Best Way To Express Yourself and Its A Perfect Thing To Show Someone Real Close To You How You Feel, or Appreciation For a Co-Worker Who May Have Covered Your Shift One Night and You Wanted To Do Something Nice For Them.

     As I'm Only in High-School For Another Year, My Current Plan is to Continue Mastering Cakes From Working at North Conway DQ Grill and Chill, and Then After Graduation, Depending on Scholarships, Tuition, and Other Factors, I Plan to Attend Rhode Island's Johnson & Whales University in Providence Rhode Island.
      As For Right Now I'm Working on And Trying To Make New Recipes Weather its a Delicious Frosting or A Glaze, Everything Takes Time.
     Remember Always Take Things Slow, Perfection Takes Time, And Always Remember When It Comes to Anything New Weather Its A Recipe or Frosting Technique Always Take Your Time, And All Your Practice Will Perfect Your Technique!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Oreo Cookie!

Left: 10" Blizzard Cake, this is my latest cake creation, made during my work period. On normal Blizzard Cakes the Oreo topping would be sprinkled all around the cakes surface, but do to an increase of Written Messages on Blizzard Cakes, the Dairy Queen I work at made the decision to an easier writing space without lumps and bumps of different topping by sprinkling toppings around the edges of cake giving us a good width of area to write in.

Right: Notice the consistent Star Pattern in the white frosting, a typical frosting technique for those who are still a novice decorator as I am.

 Left: Again, pay attention to the detail to the frosting and where its positioned close to the edge but not to close to where its going to fall completely off and far enough to the edge to still support the weight of the chocolate dip you see running down the sides.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ho Ho Ho! MistleToes!

 Hand drawn Wreaths and Mistltoes for your next Yule Tide Cake Creation! I used a basic red and green frosting pattern to draw out the detail in each leaf or wreath. As we get into the holidays, its always a little festive to create such things as Christmas Cookies shaped as Christmas Trees or even Cristmas Wreaths, well how about a Cake that can do both! by Just adding a few simple but decorative creations!
Close Up view of a hand drawn Mistletoe, again
notice the simple design of leaves and the three berries.

Hand Drawn Wreaths and Mistletoe, on wax paper
tp peel off and insert to your Yule Tide creation!

Close up picture of the Hand Drawn Wreath,
notice the pattern as it looks almost layered
and how even though a simply drawn bow,
makes this wreath complete!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ho! Ho! Ho! Mistletoe

Above: Top View of The Hand Drawn Mistletoe!

Right: Front View of Cake Showing Three Hand Drawn Mistletoe!

Below:A Top View of The Cake Showing the Star Shaped Icing Pattern Along Both the Top and Bottom Edges of The Cake!

-Pictured above is my latest Christmas Cake Creation created almost a week ago!-

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oreo Creme Pie

Over Thanksgiving, My Brother and I put on Thanksgiving for our Father, Now as my brother called dibs on everything for dinner, I took responsibilities for Desert, well only one thing.

As my brother made the traditional Chocolate Creme Pie, I made a new recipe of mine, an Oreo Creme Pie, with a semi - homemade touch.


  • Gram Cracker Crust, Your Choice on Which Flavor, I chose a store bought chocolate gram cracker crust.
  • I also chose Instant pudding instead of a traditional home made recipe, I chose vanilla pudding (2 boxes to 1 crust).
  • Oreos (10 cookies to one crust).
  • 4oz. of Creme Cheese, whipped or room temperature.
  • Electric Mixer.
  • 2 Medium Mixing Bowls.
  • Giant Mixing Spoon

  1. In a Medium Mixing Bowl mix your pudding together and keep mixing until pudding is lump free.
  2. In another Medium Mixing Bowl grab your Oreo cookies and 4oz. of cream cheese, and lightly mix the combination together, just enough so the Oreo Cookies are crushed.
  3. When Oreos and Cream Cheese are Lightly blended, dump mixture in to Pudding and then use your Electric Mixer and blend combination until smoothly blended together.
  4. When all done mixing, take the mixing spoon and carefully put the blended mix into your gram cracker crust, be extremely careful as the gram cracker crust is very delicate. then cover your pie when all the mixes are evenly spread in your crust and put into your refrigerator to chill for your dessert.
Congratulations!!! If You Have Followed These Directions Correctly, You Have Successfully Made Your First Oreo Creme Pie!!
(So as to there was no picture, The pie was a success and was instantly devoured !)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday!

*Made and Decorated by Mary Tymon, Letters and Font By: Jason Chandler.

       As I was getting off work, my manager Mary was finishing up a birthday cake for the display freezer. After walking over and admiring the cake, Mary asked me if I wanted to write on it for her as she had to run downstairs to the office for a minute. Well after noticing the blue dots on the frosting pattern, I decided i was better of going with blue gel. Using a swirly yet plain and simple font, i wrote out happy birthday! 

       As I had just completed the font, Mary walks over and says "Wow, that's actually amazing!"
Being that this was the first cake besides the one I made for my birthday i had written on, I was sort happy that I did well for a first timer!

Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard Cake

strawberry cheesequak


Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard Cake
They come in a standard of two sizes, an 8" Cake Ring, and a 10" Cake Ring
Depending on what size and/or shape cake ring you posses. The next part is to make sure your have the right bottom for the ring, usually just a simple clean 8 to 10 inch cardboard cut-out.
What Type of Ice-Cream you choose besides the strawberry cheesequake middle is entirely up too you, At D.Q. we have the options of Vanilla soft-serve or Chocolate soft-serve.
The Ice Cream Cake comes in five parts
1. 1/2" thick wall around the ring of what soft-serve ice-cream you prefer.
2. 1/2 to 1/4" thick of soft-serve to cover the bottom of your cake from the cut-out, make sure it is flat and level.
3.Fill the center about a 1/4" witch your chosen filling.
Make sure when you complete the first 3 parts, and depending on what type of freezer available, freeze for about 1hr.
While you wait for this cake to freeze you could do one of two things, you could either start another cake and repeat the first two parts, or you could pick out what center you want for your cake.
Suggestions: Crushed Cookies, Fudge or if you have access, cake crunch like we do at work.
4.Now take your blended strawberry cheesecake ice cream and top of the rest of your cake. make sure everything is smooth and evenly lined-up to the cake ring. and freeze again for about 30 minutes to 1hr.
5. Depending on if you froze your cake for 30 minutes or an hour, take the cake out and put it on a level surface(Cake Should Always Be Put On A Level Surface!). Get a bowl of the hottest water your skin can tolerate and a rag. Now when you have that ready dip the rag into the water wipe the sides of the metal ring, untill the sides stop freezing to your rag. When You can touch the ring with the rag without any freezing gently lift the cake ring up. The cake should slowly start sliding out of the ring. DO NOT SHAKE THE RING TO MAKE THE ICE CREAM TO COME OUT FASTER!! You will ruin the cake that way! Once the ring is off the cake, Take your cake comb and start combing your cake, when your done, you will have decadent ridges siding your cake!
Decoration is all on personal taste along with frosting and what techniques you use to frost your cake with!
Congratulations, if you had followed these directions to exact, you should have been successful in making your first Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard Cake!